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Over the Rainbow Bridge

 Bajaro vom Fiemereck  

AD, BH, Hips A-Normal, Elbows Normal,

Boris is born on Febuary 25, 1999 

Boris is the son of VA 1 (N) Lord vom Georg Vicktor Turm

 Boris is a very big-boned male German Shepherd, absolutly handsome with a great character. Boris is very good natured, but yet a very protective and alert dog. He loves to run and play with the grandchildren. Boris takes to their feelings no matter if happy or sad, just don't come in the yard and try to take them, that's when Boris know's his job.

Boris is a direct import from Germany ( SV ) out of the famous "Fiemereck" kennel. He has super bloodlines with many excellent dogs in his pedigree.

Boris is about 98 lbs.-lean and has the most beautiful head on him, as well a a very beautiful structure. With his striking looks, he stops many cars traveling down the road, so that drivers can get a better look at him. Boris produces the same type of magnificent looks in his progenies.



                Quando von Arminius, SchH 3, FH, IPO 3
            Odin Tannenmeise, SchH 3, FH  


                Hasel v.d. Tannenmeise, VH 2
        Jeck vom Noricum, SchH 3, FH      


                Uran vom Wildsteiger Land, SchH 3, FH
            Anett vom Noricum, SchH 3  


    Lord vom Georg Victor Turm, SchH 3          

Zillly vom Noricum SchH 2



                Uran vom Wildsteiger Land, SchH 3, FH
             Vopo vom Kirschental, SchH 3, FH  



Xitta vom Kirschental, SchH 3, HGH, FH, IPO3

        Farah vomArolser Schloss, SchH 2      


                Jasso von den Zwillingen, SchH 3
            Luna vom Arolser Schloss, SchH 1  



Anja vom Arolser Schloss, SchH 3

Bajaro vom Fiemereck              



Fedor von Arminius, SchH 3

            Mark vom Haus Beck, SchH 3  


                Quina vom Arminius, SchH 2
        Nutz vom Monchberg, SchH 3      



Urk vom Monchberg, ScH3

            Goldi vom Trollbachtal, SchH 2  



Margit Blue-Iris, SchH1

    Lauri vom Fiemereck, SchH 2          



Irk von Arminius, SchH 3, FH, IPO3

            Uran vom Wildsteiger Land, SchH 3, FH  



Palme vom Wildsteiger Land, SchH 2

        Hasel vom Fiemereck, SchH 3, IPO 2      



Odin Tannenmeise, SchH 3, FH

            Zasta vom Fiemereck, SchH 3  



Xenta vom Fiemereck, SchH 3, FH, IPO3

*Official Pedigree Certificate Available


You will be greatly missed, Xorro

V-Xorro vom Lundborg-Land


Sabine Ernsting and Xorro vom Lundborg-Land,


SchH III, KKL1-Life, OFA-Excellent

December 13, 1998 until May of 2010






Xorro received his BH, SchH I, SchH II, SchH III, Korklasse 1 and excellent (V) breed rating under the age of 3 years old. Xorro qualified for the USA National with his first SchH III title.  Xorro placed first place that very same year at the North East Regional Conformation show and won the highest title awarded that day. "V1" Working Class Male Dogs. He also was shown for his KKL 1 for Life, and passed with flying colors.

Xorro was one of the only 11 dogs that Year to receive an OFA Excellent rating for the German Shepherd Dogs. For more information about the Hip certification in the US please visit

Xorro was a very highly decorated male in our breeding program.  He has been genetically proven to produce the drive, hardness, self-confidence and temperament dog owners are looking for. Xorro produces very beautiful and intelligent dogs for anybody to fall in love with.

Xorro von Lundborg Land was a stunning black and red male, big boned, with excellent pigment and exceptional temperament. His male puppies inherit his beautiful black saddle and great color. The female puppies are absolutely gorgeous with dark pigment. Xorro often produced big framed dogs with beautiful big heads, very impressive looking German Shepherds.

Xorro was a really fun dog to be around. I enjoyed the many hours we spent training together and preparing for his dog show's. Grooming Xorro was a tasked since he manage to get me first wet. I believe he made this his point. If I am wet you are going to be wet too. Xorro loved the water. We often went for a swim to prepare and condition for the dog show's or just played with the waterhose after a hardy workout. Even so Xorro is gone now he still is in our hearts and will forever be. There is no one just like him, a strong minded dog with a sharp mind who brought so many smiles onto our faces.  

Xorro always traveled well and any new environment and we managed to allways have fun. So we went to Virgina-Lynchburg, Canada-Montreal, Wisconsin-Madison, Missouri- Saint Josef, just to name a few. As an older man he enjoyed living at home with Ruth and Charlie, growling at good old Boris and chasing the cats. Every minuite he could get he went into the pool, he was just the biggest water dog. Xorro was a wonderful dog and any of his puppies resemble him in their own way.

It is really honar to be part of someone that special. Xorro will be forever missed, but never forgotten. There are to many good time to remember. He was such ambassador for our breed.   

Xorro line breeding was on Palme vom Wildsteiger Land, Quana von Arminius and Quina von Arminius.


                Gundo vom Trienzbachtal, FH, IP3, SchH3, VA
            Bond vom Trienzbachtal, FH,SchH3 IP3,V  


                Queeni vom Trienzbachtal, SchH1, V
        Mando vom Trienzbachtal, SchH3, V      


                X-Ray vom Trienzbachtal, SchH3,
            Issis vom Trienzbachtal, FH, SchH3,V  


    Zank vom Trienzbachtal, SchH3, IP3, FH, VA          

Melly vom Trienzbachtal, SchH2, V



                Natz vom Hasenborn, FH,IP3,SchH3, VA
            Cello von der Romerau,FH SchH3,V  



Quana von Arminius, SchH1, V

        Vraka vom Trienzbachtal, SchH3, V      


                Fax vom Trienzbachtal, SchH3,V
            Aline vom Trienzbachtal, IP3 SchH3, V  



Helge vom Trienzbachtal, FH, IP3, SchH3, VA

Xorro vom Lundborg-Land, SchH3,V              



Fedor von Arminius, SchH3, VA

            Mark Haus Beck, SchH3,VA  


                Quina von Arminius, SchH2, V
        Jasso Folemarkens, IP3,ScH3,VA      



Uran vom Wildsteiger Land, SchH3,IP3, FH,VA

            Quelle Folemarkens, SchH1,V  



Jennie Folemarkens, SLP2, V

    Enne von der Sturmeiche, SchH1,V          



Irk von Arminius, FH, IP3, SchH3, V

            Uran von Wildsteiger Land, SchH3, IP3, FH, VA  



Palme vom Wildsteiger Land, SchH2, V

        Gora vom Haus Roselius, SchH1,V      



Nick von der Wienerau, SchH3, V

            Daisy vom Reusch, FH, IP3, SchH3,V  



Malve vom Forsthaus Hattlich, SchH2 V

*Official Pedigree Certificate Available


                V- Xorro vom Lundborg-Land, SchH 3     VA-Zank von Trienzbachtal, SchH3   VFolemarkenJassoSchH                    

         "Son"                                            "Father"                           "Grand Father"


Fango vom Kalten Eck

Imported from Germany

 SchH 3, FH, KKL1, A-Normal Hips
39 x SchH 3, 10 x over 290 points

"Fango was the son of the famous Eiko vom Kirschental"



Dak vom Kirschweihtal

Imported from Germany
 SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, KKL1, A-normal Hips
30 x SchH3,

Hardy and Dak went to the FCI Worldchampionship as Competitor in 1999 in Austria, Europe.
Hardy and Dak worked on an National and International Level in Schutzhund.
9 year old son Yannick titled Dak to his FH Tracking title with incredible 96 points in 2000.

Little Janine and Dak enjoying their time together in 1997


Dachs vom Lister Tor 


 "Hardy and Donny"

Imported from Germany
 SchH 3, IPO 3, KKL2, A-Normal Hips
20 x SchH 3
Donny's hightest achivement
"Full 300 points"

"Donny received his american OFA "fair" Hipcertification with the age of 7 years, after many years of working in the sport of Schutzhund.
Hardy and Donny worked on and National and International level with their highest achivement of qualifing for the German Shepherd World Championship.

Son of famous Lewis von Malatesta and Grand son of Mink vom Haus Wittfeld 


 Ero von der Wienerau

Import from Germany
SchH 3, KKL1, A-Normal Hips

Ero was my inspiration to start breeding German Shepherd Dogs. He is a drop dead gorgeous, super temperamented German Shepherd Dog.
There are for sure not enough words to discribe this incredible ambassador of the German Shepherd Dog.



Zella von Kuehnhaus

Zella is a beautiful female out of the multiple World Sieger "Lasso vom Neuen Berg". Zella's puppies are as wonderful a she is herself. They are very friendly and beautiful puppies with great pigment and super nice looks. Zella is a people loving, children loving dog with a happy way to her, very obedient and loyal. She loves to spend time with her puppies and other dogs. Zella resides in a fantastic home in Rockville and is the best companion there is. Also Zella found her Soule mate and is nearly 11 years of age. 



                Fedor von Arminius, SchH3, VA
            Mark vom Haus Beck,SchH3,VA  


                Quina von Arminius, SchH2,V
        Folemarkens Jasso,SchH3, VA      


                Uran vom Wildsteiger Land, SchH3,FH,VA
            Folemarkens Quelle, SchH1,V  


    Lasso vom Neuen Berg,SchH3,FH,VA          

Folemarkens Jennie, SLP2, V 



                Quando von Arminius SchHIII,IPOIII,FH,VA
            Enzo von der Burg Aliso,SchH3,V  



Christin v.d.Burg Aliso  SchHIII, V

        Eike vom Neuen Berg,SchH1,V      


                Tell vom Grossen Sand SchH III, VA
            Anusch von der Beilsteinmuhle,SchH1,V  



Vani Beilsteinmuhle SchH I, V

Zella von Kuehnhaus              



Enzo v.d. Burg Aliso SchH III, FH, V

            Gorbi von Bad-Boll, SchH3,V  


                Xinte v. Bad-Boll, SchHI, V
        Matzo vom Kirschental,SchH3,V      



Eiko v. Kirschental, SchH III, FH, VA

            Vena vom Kirschental,SchH1,V  



Irmi v. Kirschental SchHI, V

    Yulie vom Kirschental          



Rony v. Arminius, SchHIII, V

            Ikarus von Ducati, SchH3,V  



Ummi von der Wienerau, SchH I, V

        Ussa vom Kirschental, SchH1      



Mark von Haus Beck, SchH III, VA

            Yasmin vom Kirschental, SchH1  



Anka v.Zwinger am Spatzennest, SchHI,V

*Official Pedigree Certificate Available




Quicki vom Kottersbusch

SchH I, Hips a-normal


Quicki is a beautiful black and red female, imported from Germany - with outstanding pedigree. Quicki is friendly, but yet protective. We love her confidence, courage and self-sureness. Quicki is just a wonderful dog overall. She is fun to be around, she loves to play and enjoys other dogs company. Quicky is enjoying live at a farm as a protection dog. She enjoy's her freedome and her new home.   

                Kale von der Noriswand,SchH3,FH,IP3,V
            Gandhi vom Hipbone Closes, SchH3,V  


                Eike vom Neuen Berg, SchH2,V
        Dorian v.Yoha ness Berg SchH3,V      


                Gino vom Messebau, SchH3,V
            Olla v. Johannes Berg,SchH1,V  


    Hoss vom Larchenhain,SchH3,IP3,V          

Valda von der Rusel, SchH1,V



                Mark vom Haus Beck, SchH 3, VA
            Tenno vom Noricum, SchH3, V  



Anett vom Noricum SchH3, V

        Tina von Arminius SchH3,FH,IP3,VA      


                Rony von Arminius, SchH3, V
            Sela vom Kirschental, SchH2, V  



Rostra vom Kirschental, SchH1,V

Quicki vom Kottersbusch, SchH1              



Mark vom Haus Beck, SchH3, VA

            Nutz vom Monchberg, SchH3, V  


                Goldi vom Trollbachtal, SchH2,V
        Natz vom Steigerhof,SchH3,VA      



Fanto vom Hirschel, SchH3, VA

            Paola v.d. Murrenhutte SchH1, V  



Leslie von der Murrenhutte, SchH2,V

    Megane du Domaine de Cheristan, SchH2,V          



Fedor von Arminius, SchH3, VA

            Mark Haus Beck, SchH3, VA  



Quina von Arminius, SchH2,V

        Fadsi du Domaine de Cheristan, IP1, V      



Odin Tannenmeise, SchH 3 FH, VA

            Cassy du Lamentin, Brevet French  



Truxi de Colombo, French

*Official Pedigree Certificate Available



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