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Frequently asked questions

Questions about Payment method


Do you take Credit Cards?

Yes, we do. We take Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discovery Card. 


What other payment method do you take?

We take Money Orders, Personal Check or Cash.


Questions about the Parents


Where are the parents from?

All of our dogs are from European - German Bloodlines -


How old are the parents?

All of our females will be older than 24 month of age (2 Years) before we start breeding them. In their 8th year we will retire our female out of our breeding program.

Our males we start breeding with 18 month of age and we retire them out of our breeding program with 12 years of age.


How big are the parents?

Our dogs range between 70 lbs. and 95 lbs. All of our dogs are kept in a good working weight and condition. They are over medium size to large dogs, strongly build with excellent expression.


Are the parents hip certified?

Yes, all of our breeding stock is hip certified. Some of them are certified in Germany, some of them here is the US (OFA), some of them have the German A-Stamp and the American OFA.


Dogs must have hip certification and registered to be bred in Germany.


Are the parents friendly?

Yes. All of our dogs are very well socialized, very well trained and very friendly from nature. Will they protect us. Absolutely. A German Shepherd is a very balanced dog and knows when a threat is posed to his family. Only than will my adult dogs and should a German Shepherd show protection.


Are the parents on the premises?

Our female dogs are all at our facility in Charles Town, WV. Our males reside in Annapolis, MD with their owner Ruth Rodgers. We are very thankful for Ruth her faith and trust in us to show, train, handle, board and breed her two beautiful boys Boris and Xorro. We are looking forward working with Ruth once more together, raising, training, showing and breeding a new upcoming "little star".



Questions about the Puppies?


What is the color of the puppies?

Most of our puppies are Black and Tan or Black and Red.

We do offer puppies directly from Germany with a request on color. German Shepherds come in Black, Gray, Bi-Color, Black-Sable, Black and Tan and Black and Red. White German Shepherd is against the standard of the Land of his origin, they are available, but will be without paper due to the white color.


Do you garantee your puppies?

Yes, we give a full health garantee of genetic deseases for 12 months, including the hips.


Who will pick the puppy I will get?

You will select your puppy. We can help you pick your puppy or you can choose your puppy. If you would like to have the first pick, the first desposit will insure you have the puppy of your choice.


Are the puppies vaccinated?

Yes, all of our puppies are vaccinated. We give the first vaccination at 6 weeks of age. My vetenarian recommends to vaccinate the puppies every 3 week (after they turn 6 weeks old) until they are 20 weeks of age. So, the puppy should be vaccinated with 6 weeks, 9weeks, 12 weeks, 15 weeks and 20 weeks. We use Galaxy DA2PPv (Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2- Paraninfluenza-Parvovirus Vaccine / 7 way)


Are the puppies dewormed?

Yes, all of our puppies are dewormed from the 3rd week on. We deworm all of our puppies every 3 weeks until they are 20 weeks of age.

All of our puppies are dewormed with Anthelban V and once with Dorontal.


How big will my puppy be once an adult dog?

The female dogs will be about 70 to 85 lbs, depending on size and figure. The males will be between 80 to 95 lbs lean.


Can I come to the facility and pick my puppy up?

Yes, absolutely. Everybody is more than welcome to come out and pick up their puppies, but most of our puppy buyers live too far away from our facility and choose to have their puppy shipped or personally delivered.


Can I visit the facility?

Yes, anytime you like, you are more than welcome to stop by and meet our dogs and us.


Questions about shipping the puppies? 


Can you ship the puppy to us, we are in Denver, Colorado?

Yes, we ship across the United States and Over sea.

The cost of shipping range from $150.00 to $350.00 across our nation. The cost of shipping the puppy oversea's depends on the time, airline and destination. Puppies shipped oversea's require a rabies vaccination.


At which age can you ship the puppy out?

The requirement the airlines have on shipping puppies is 10 weeks of age.

No puppy can be shipped overseas or across our nation before the age of 10 weeks.


What is the cost associated with shipping my puppy?

We asked you to pay for the shipping cost, for the health certificate and for a crate.

Normally the shipping across the US is between $150.00 to $350.00, the health certificate is about $65.00 and the crate is between $40.00 and $65.00


Is it safe to ship the puppies?

We have never had any problem shipping the puppies across the US or even to Europe.


Questions about the Puppies documents


Is the paperwork coming with the puppy?

No, we send the papers out seperatly via Federal Express. We believe it is safer to handle the puppy and paperwork seperatly. We include a couple of days dogfood to the puppies crate, a colar and a small leash.


What type of paperwork does the puppy come with?

All of our puppies are fully AKC registered. Every puppy has his own little folder with copies of pedigree's of their parents, DNA of parents if available, pictures, copies of hip certification, vaccination records of the littler, literature of the vaccine and deworming used on the puppies, a little help sheet of how to intergrete your new puppy into you home and interduce him or her to family members or other animals in your home and copy of the contract.


What can I name my dog?

We asked that all of our puppies carry our kennel name "VOM PEGASUS". We follow the German way of going with the A, B, C...... . The very first littler of any kennel in Germany starts with an A, the second with a B, the third with a C, and so on. We asked the puppy buyers to give the puppy a name with the letter given to them.


Questions about my Puppies training


Can you help us train our puppy?

Yes, we offer many training program. We offer obedience classes at our facility, in-home training programs in your home and environment, as well as board and train programs for anybody to far away and would like us to maintain the well being of their now beloved dog.


Questions about feeding, nutruition and exercising the puppy


What type of dogfood should we use.

All of our puppies are maintained on Royal Canin Puppy food. Royal Canin is a very high quality dog food, with all the nutrition a puppy needs. The small dry pellets are should be soften with warm water for 5 minutes before the puppy eats. Most of the time we add a tablespoon of cotage cheese to help with ear development. Always have water available for your puppy!


What do you think about Pet Tabs vitamins?

Excellent idea.


Do you have any other suggestion on feeding?

Yes. We allways put 2 table spoons of natural yogurt into the puppies food, as well as some cooked groundbeef. We suggest to feed your puppy at least twice a day. If you like you can switch your puppy to adult dog food with about 6 month of age.


Can I take my puppy on a 2 mile run?

No. Your puppies bones are just starting to devolop. You do not want to overexercise your puppy at a very young age. Puppies need to sleep, eat, play. They do not need to stress they joints and muscle. To much exercise in an early stage can actually be hurtfull to your puppy. You should avoid letting your puppy jump down stairs or high objects. Avoid playing on step hills and do not start to bike your puppy until all the muscle and bones are fully devolop and strong. 


What exercise is good for my puppy?

Take your puppy on walks. Let him/her play with children or other dogs his age, but make sure nobody steps on your puppy or dominates your puppy. Take your puppy to Puppy classes designed for puppies, but do not exceed that session longer than 1/2 hour. Build a good foundation for a happy obedience with short, but good sessions. If you like to teach your puppy to track, find a group like which teaches Puppy Schutzhund Classes. Schutzhund has many stages and the different phases are taught seperatly. Keep the mind of your puppy going by offering him/her mental workout, like tracking and obedience. Mental workout is as important than physical workout and they should balance out.




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