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Chromium vom Darland Haus

BH, SchH 1, SchH2 and now working toward his SchH3

born on Dec 20, 2013

Hips and Elbows A-Normal

Father: Hank vom Weinbergblick, IOP3, SchH3
3xWUSV World Champion, Universal Sieger, multible winner of Bundes Sieger Pruefung' highest points received in a working dog trial: 300 points out of 300 available
Mother: Kwenta von der Mohnwiese, IPO3, SchH 3, FH

Chrome is a young male, full of engergy and live. He is a super nice full of life working dog. He is very smart and very powerful in his work. Chrome loves to run and play at home and is always ready to work.

Chrome is in training for his SchH2 and SchH3 titles.

He is a very handsome male, beautiful and big boned, of excellent size with a gorgeous head. Chrome is out of excellent bloodlines.
Chrome was bred by Maria Darland and is owned by Maria Darland!

                Qerry v Haus Antverpa ,SchH3
            Tom van't Leefdaahof ,SchH3,IPO3,WUSV  


                Ruth van't Leefdaalhof, SchH3
        Vito vom Waldwinkel, SchH3      


                Fado v Karthago, SchH3
            Dixi vom Haus Pixner, SchH3  


    Hank vom Weinbergblick, SchH3,IPO3,WUSV            

Jenny vvom Bayerischen Oberland, SchH3



                Ahron von Granit Rose ,SchH3
            Cherokee v d Woelfen, SchH3   



Fina vom Hainpark SchH3

        Foxi vom Haus Pixner, SchH3      


                Ernst vom Weinbergblick, Sch3
            Mary v Haus Pixner, SchH3,  



Fenja vom Haus Pixner, SchH3




Boy von Haus Kloene, SchH3

            Olix v Karthago, SchH3,IPO3, FCI, BSP  


                Quinie v Karthago, SchH3
        Tyson v d Schiffslache, ScH3IPO3,BSP      



Fado v Karthago, SchH3

            Connie v Koernerplatz, SchH3, FH  



Gimmi v d Abfuhr, SchH3

    Kwenta v d Mohnwiese, SchH3, FH          



Tom van't Leefdaalhof, SchH3

            Ellute v d Mohnwiese, SchH3, BSP, FCI  



Aline v d Mohnwiese, SchH3

        Kiara v d Kine, SchH3,      



Peron vom Hofgut Schick, SchH3

            Sally v d Kine, SchH3,IPO3  



Gina v d Kine, SchH

*Official Pedigree Certificate Available



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