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Our Puppies

All puppies have been sold!
Our next litter will be at the end of the year!
More information coming soon!

We added an additional breeding female:

Chima vom Darland Haus, IPO1

3 males puppies!
Born on June 8th, 2019

We at "Vom Pegasus German Shepherd" take great pride in our German Shepherd puppies. Each puppy is carefully bred. Great care is taken during its earliest stages of development while at our facility. We provide excellent health care and top of the line feeding. During this time extensive socialization is provided with children and adults. These outstanding efforts are expended to ensure a healthy, happy, well adjusted puppy at time of the shipping / change of ownership, primed to mature into an fantastic German Shepherd Dog.


Each puppy will have a package with a broad range of literature in it. We provide you with copies of parents pedigree, copies of hip certification of parents, photos of parents and puppies, DNA of parents if available, vaccination and deworming record of your puppy and next vaccine scheduled, feeding instructions, socialization techniques and recommendations, as well as training tips.

The puppy will be directly registered into your name through AKC. We will also provide you with the microchip.

Additionally we will provide you with some treats for the puppy, a toy, a small leash, a collar, and of course some of the food we are feeding our puppies. 


 Little Isie vom Fixem Dutt 


Chromium vom Darland Haus

Puppies are on the ground
3 boy puppies!
2 black and tan, one solid black male pup!

Born on June 8th, 2019!

This will be our

X-litter vom Pegasus

Below the pedigree and pictures of and mom and dad!

The puppies will grow up to impressive looking male and female German Shepherd dogs.  They will be well over 90 pounds fully grown, the girls may be a little less. The puppies will have a beautiful big heads, they will be big boned, with super nice structures!  

The puppies loves to play. They have a ton of energy. We have a big play area filled with toys for them to play in. They indoor area has a warm heated area and a big play area. All the puppies will be paper trained when they go home. This puppies will be super smart and easy to train. They have super nice food drive, toy drive, and are full of live!

 The puppies will have full AKC registration, will be dewormed, vaccinated and you will receive a micro shipped for them to be inserted at your veterinarian at a later date (once your pup is a little older)

Puppy's sales price is:  $1800.

Their grandfather is the 3x working world champion Hank vom Weinbergblick from Germany! Mom Isie is a female imported from Germany. All the dogs in the pedigree of the puppies have been checked out for hip and elbow dysplasia, and have been cleared! 

 If you are interested in our upcoming litter and would like more information please contact us. 

E-mail us

or call us or text us at:

Sabine 571.643.1213

Hardy 571.643.2107

Dad Chrome vom Darland Haus and Mom Little Isie vom fixem Dutt










Tom van't Ledfdaahof, SchH3,WUSV







Vito vom Waldwinkel, SchH3












 Dixi v Hause Santiages's, SchH3





Hank vom Weinbergblick, 
SchH3,IPO3,BSP,3xWUSV world champion














Cherokee v d Woelfen, SchH3 







Foxi vom Haus Pixner,IPO3






Chromium vom Darland Haus, SchH1 






Mary vom Haus Pixner, SchH3



















Olix vom Karthago,








Tyson v der Schifflache, SchH3,IPO3












Connie v Koernerplatz, SchH3, FH






Kwenta v der Mohnwiese, 
SchH3, FH














Ellute von d Mohnwiese, SchH3, FH, BSP, FCI







Kiara v d Kine, SchH3,












Sally v d Kine, SchH3,IPO3




















Karn vom Fegelhof, IPO3








 SG-Jucan v Peroh SchH3, FH2, BSP












Ahsra v Peroh, SchH3,BSP





SG-Quattro von Peroh, IPO3














Zender v Lusondai, SchH3,IPO3,WUSV








V-Moana v Peroh, 












Erna v d Schwedenfestung, SchH3,IPO3,FH,BSP




Little-Isie vom fixen Dutt, SchH2
















Iwo v d Heidestrasse, SchH3,IPO3,FH,BSP








V-Orry v d Wannaer Hohen, SchH3,SG-BSP












Wespe v d Wannaer Hohen, SchH3






V-Isie vom fixen Dutt, SchH3, FH2














Xalvo von Karhago, SchH3,IOP3, RH1, FH2,BSP








Frieda vom fixem Dutt, IPO3












Freya v kuehlen Norden, SchH3, FH


*Official Pedigree Certificate Available



Below a few pictures Chrome/Isie pups for past litters!!


Little Vasco now "Ghost" playing with his new sister! He loves that blanket! 

Little Ghost taking over the blanket :) ! 

Puppy from May 2017 litter! My toy !!!

Ghost - He is just so beautiful.

Puppies having a blast in play pen! 

Stalking another puppy, ready to jump!

I played so hard, I am so tired, but don't want to miss out on more!!!

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